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At Discount Hearing Connection, we offer dramatic discounts on new hearing aids from the top manufacturers on the market. We understand that getting a low price means nothing if you do not have a hearing professional to help you get the most out of your selected hearing aids. That is why our low prices include a hearing test, hearing aid programming/fitting, manufacturer warranty and aftercare from a hearing professional licensed in your state. All of our network providers are independently owned practices that have been successfully serving the hearing impaired in their communities for years, not months.

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 These discounted prices include care from a local licensed hearing aid professional as well as a manufacturer warranty.  Simply contact us and let us know which hearing aids you are seeking and where you live.  We will connect you to a local hearing professional and save you a ton of precious time and hard earned money.

This Danish Manufacturer has been producing hearing aids for over 60 years. They are known for the design and quality of their aids, with many features available to the wearer. The have recently made a splash by being the first hearing aid company to launch "Made for iPhone" hearing aids.
This Swiss Manufacturer is known for creating innovative, high-quality hearing products. They offer a full line of hearing solutions for both adults and children. Recently, Phonak began using SoundRecover technology in many of its products - this feature is particularly beneficial for those with severe-to-profound hearing in the high frequencies.
Siemens has been in the hearing technology business for over 130 years and has created a very positive reputation for itself within the industry. They are known for being innovators and providing thorough support. They were the first major manufacturer to launch rechargeable hearing aids in multiple product lines.
An American manufacturer who offers a wide range of products for different types of hearing losses. Starkey is currently the only major US-based manufacturer of hearing aids and also supply the hearing aids for the Starkey Hearing Foundation.
Owned by the same company as Phonak (Sonova), Unitron has a number of high quality hearing aids with a focus on packing more purpose driven features into their entry-level and mid-level hearing aids. Unitron shares some of the same technology as Phonak, but is seen as more of a value-based brand.
This Danish Manufacturer has secured a reputation for being at the forefront of innovative technologies. The company strives to produce its hearing aids in a way that is as kind to the environment as possible. Their products include a very innovative design and recently launched My.Widex.com, personalized smart sites for hearing aid users.

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